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18/5/2021 - Mini Helmet News - Made by Bell

18/05/2021 12:29:00 PM

How this works:

These data cames from the manufacturers. It is only for let you know the new announcements. Sometimes the manufacturer don't make the model. Sometimes the final code is different. Sometimes the final price is different. So we give you this data only for help your preorders.  

Not every model will be ordered by Pit Lane Modelshop! so when you find a model here please use our preorder page here

Az előrendelésre vonatkozó piros árak a 2021.05.30-ig leadott megrendelésekre érvényesek | Red Pre-order prices are valid until 30/5/2021
  Várható ár (Price) Előrendelés ár / Pre-order price
Bell BENL21 1:2
Nicholas Latifi - Williams Mercedes 2021 - Scale 1:2
  124,95 EUR 118,75 EUR
Bell BEGR21 1:2
George Russell -Williams Mercedes 2021 - Scale 1:2
  124,95 EUR 118,75 EUR