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E-Gift card (10000 HUF)

Manufacturer article number: EPLMGIFTCARD10
Availability: Available
Not sure what the best present should be? Do you want to leave the choice to him/her? Or would you just make a surprise with something undefined?
Birthday, Christmas or just so. Whatever the occasion success is guaranteed with Pit Lane Modelshop gift cards.
Be sure to read the detailed description!
Value: 10000HUF


The gift card is available in two forms.

If the hand-held card is not important, if only the coupon code is enough for you then choose one of our E-Gift Cards where we will send the discount code by e-mail.

Important information about the gift card:
- the purchase coupon code sent by e-mail can be used for one year from the date of purchase
- the coupon code can be used only for registered Pit Lane Modelshop customers. Before use registration is needed
- the coupon code and the amount that can be used cannot be redeemed for cash
- the coupon code can be used once, there is no "residual" value. The unused amount can no longer be used for new purchases
- the coupon is not valid for promotional products and postage
- the coupon is not personal, it expires after the first use. Pit Lane Modelshop will not be liable for any loss or unauthorized use.