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Arrows A10B No.18 3rd Italian GP 1988 Eddie Cheever


Driver(s) Eddie Cheever
Team Arrows
Type A10B
Season 1988
Race Italy
Manufacturer Spark
Scale 1:43
Material Resin

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Manufacturer article number: S3910
Model: S3910
Availability: Available
Eddie Cheever's Arrows, which finished third in the 1988 Italian Grand Prix.


The 1988 season will be remembered as the last year of the turbo era, McLaren's total dominance and Ayrton Senna's first world championship title. But it is also worth remembering the other players. Thank goodness we have Spark to do it for us!

Eddie Cheever is an American racing driver who was a member of the racing circuit from 1978 until 1989, with various interruptions. During this time he turned for teams such as Tyrrell, Ligier, Renault and Alfa Romeo. During his career, he scored a number of podium finishes, but was unable to find a seat for himself in Formula 1 for the 1986 season. This almost meant the end of his King's Class adventure, but Arrows threw him a lifeline for 1987. Although he didn't have much of a fight for wins with this team, as a solid midfield team, scoring points was by no means an impossible task for him.

In 1988, his faithful partner in achieving his goal was the Arrows A10B, an improved version of the 1987 car powered by a Megatron (nothing to do with the famous Decepticon leader from Transformers) engine. And the car was designed by one Ross Brawn. Cheever scored a couple of points during the season, but the podium seemed a pipe dream until the Italian Grand Prix. Here, of course, McLaren were the favourites, but Prost was forced to retire for technical reasons, while Senna crashed his car on a lap and the two Ferraris took the win. All the talk was of a home triumph for the Italians, but meanwhile the two Arrows finished a bravura 3-4th in the temple of speed in the Cheever-Warwick order.

Eddie Cheever then failed to finish a race this season, but still no one can take the bravura podium away from him. Spark pays tribute to a small team's great achievement with this 1:43 model car.

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